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Email marketing is one of the fastest growing, most cost effective forms of marketing available to your business with highest return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing (on the Internet) is popular for several reasons:

  • An exact return on investment can be tracked (“track to basket”) and has proven to be high when done properly.
  • Email marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.
  • Advertisers can reach substantial numbers of email subscribers who have opted in (i.e., consented) to receive email communications on subjects of interest to them.
  • Over half of Internet users check or send email on a typical day.

 Email Marketing Adelaide SA Email Marketing Adelaide

Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Adelaide offers everything a business needs to run successful email marketing campaigns.

While we continue to add more features and refine the email marketing experience, our goal hasn’t changed – to provide the best email marketing software and campaign programs to our customers for their customers.

Co-ordinating your email-marketing with a website can powerfully increase your reach – read more about Web Design Adelaide by Living Web Design.

Send great looking emails by Email Marketing Adelaide

Use templates with a single click and test the design to make sure they look great in all email programs.  You can easily turn any email design into a simple, re-usable template and then add your own content.


Make it personal by inserting your subscribers name or the last product they purchased.
Email Marketing Adelaide

Forward to a friend

Let your recipients spread the word virally and we’ll track the results
Email Marketing Adelaide

Only pay when you send

You only pay when you send, no monthly or hidden fees.
Email Marketing Adelaide

Send in any time zone

Full control over when your recipients will receive your campaigns
Email Marketing Adelaide

Free campaign archive

Add a line of code to your site for a full archive that automatically updates
Email Marketing Adelaide

Powerful reports

Track the opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, and bounces
Email Marketing Adelaide

Top notch deliverability

Authentication, relationships with ISP’s to ensure your emails are delivered.
Email Marketing Adelaide

Simple editor

Build your emails and send your own campaign with ease.

Managing Email Lists

Email Marketing Adelaide provides professional list management by handling bounces and unsubscribes automatically.
Every email you send includes a single-click unsubscribe link and lets your subscribers manage their own subscription.

You can create as many different lists as you need. You only need to pay when sending a campaign, so list management is free.

Talk to Email Marketing Adelaide for your campaign strategy.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Signup Forms

Use our simple form builder to create signup
forms you can easily add to your site.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Custom Fields

Store anything you like on subscribers and easily insert them into email content.

Email Marketing Adelaide


Send targeted campaigns to groups of subscribers
based on your own criteria.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Export to Excel

Select the fields and export any list in your account straight to Excel.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Suppression lists

Never send to anyone who has unsubscribed,
bounced or marked you as spam.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Confirmed Opt-in

Require subscribers to confirm their email address when signing up to your list.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Preference Centers

Let your recipients manage their own subscription

Email Marketing Adelaide

Flexible importing

We make it easy to import your lists into your account.

Reliable Secure Server Environment with Email Marketing Adelaide

To keep your data safe, secure and always available, we use a state-of-the-art redundant server cluster in a fully managed, world class data center. All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall using the same level of encryption as many banks.

Email Marketing Adelaide

World class data center

Our data center is monitored 24×7 for all aspects of operational security and performance. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art security such as biometrics and sensors for intrusion detection.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Serious about data security

All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall. Our database servers are secured by additional access restrictions, and more sensitive data is encrypted.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Smart redundancy

We have redundancy at every layer of our application to ensure a smooth recovery in the event of any type of hardware failure. All data is also securely backed up offsite for the unlikely event of a system-wide failure.

Email Marketing Adelaide

Strict privacy policy

Our strictly enforced privacy policy ensures your data is never shared with third parties and is kept safe and secure at all times. Only limited staff have access to your account in order to provide support.

Email Campaign Reporting and Analytics

We create a Control Panel Login for you, where you can view a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Go beyond opens and link clicks and measure your campaign related sales, conversions and ROI.

The moment your campaign is sent you have access to a range of reports that show you exactly how your subscribers are interacting with it.

See who is opening it, what parts of the campaign they are interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, unsubscribed, bounced or even marked it as spam

We supply reporting that makes it easy to zoom right down to the subscriber level and see a timeline of exactly what they did with your email.

Take this a step further and see your lifetime history with that person. Which campaigns did they open, what links were they interested in, how many times have they forwarded my emails?

All this and more is at your fingertips for every subscriber in your account and is updated in real-time
Email Marketing Adelaide
Email Marketing Adelaide

Email Campaign Pricing

There are no monthly fees and no setup fee (if you use an existing template)
Just a flat delivery fee of $15, plus 5 cents for each recipient .
So to send an email to 500 people would cost $15 plus (500 x $.05), just $40.
All prices are in AUD dollars.
Customised templates can be created using your own Logo and design colours.
Please contact us at Email Marketing Adelaide for a quote.

Custom Designed Email Templates

Email Marketing Adelaide will custom design your email Template with your Logo, your Colours, Images and Text.

Your email template can be one of three main layout styles :

– a Single Column – Full Width
– a Left Side Bar
– a Right Side Bar.

Once created, you can use your template design over and over – just add text content and images and send.